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Lawrence Lindsay, Sr. - Owner

Lawrence and Jack, ringside.

The chief at Double-L Cattle Auction is Lawrence Lindsay, Sr. of Pontotoc, Mississippi. For him, working the ranch isn't just a business, it's a way of life. And it's a passion, one that took root in his childhood as he learned to help his folks run their farm in Ethel, Mississippi. Work started at sun-up, and it still does. 

But the cattleman's career isn't confined to his ranch. He's a certified welder highly experienced in construction work; and as the senior vice president of Primerica Financial Services, Mr. Lindsay is a businessman. He has served with the company for 25 years

He and his wife, Trish, live on a cattle ranch in Pontotoc. Together, they are the parents of four grown children and grandparents to a passel of youngins. Trish Lindsay is the owner of the Trish Lindsay Clinic in Pontotoc.  

Mark Carnes is our barn and arena manager.  He is married to Mary Margaret and is the father of three kids - Ethan, Jon Robert, and Mary Karoline.  Mark has been a resident of Pontotoc County his whole life and has been a team roper for the past ten years.  He enjoys spending time with the local farmers and meeting new people.


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